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Making Art Concrete last month

After almost a year since its opening, the Exhibition 'Making Art Concrete' at the Getty Center of Los Angeles presenting works from Argentina and Brazil from the Collection Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, comes to its last running month. This was the groundbreaking exhibit of the Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitious project exploring the Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. Led by the Getty, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA was the latest collaborative effort from arts institutions across Southern California, featuring more than 70 exhibitions exploring wide-ranging aspects of Latin American and Latino arts and culture. As described in their statement 'In the tumultuous years after World War II, avant-garde artists in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro responded to the changing world order both ideologically and aesthetically. They rejected figurative and expressive styles in favor of Concrete art, an approach characterized by abstract compositions of geometric shapes and patterns. The exhibition... marks the first time these works have been comprehensively exhibited and studied' (please click on the images for more information...)

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