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Macaparana. A comprehensive publication. Edited by Osbel Suarez.

A book devoted to the work of the Brazilian artist Jose de Souza Oliveira Filho, known as Macaparana, was presented at casa Americas in Madrid as part of the events surrounding the ARCO Madrid Art fair in their 2016 Edition. The presentation was led by panelists Celia Birbragher, Director of Art Nexus magazine, Osbel Suarez, Editor, the artist's dealer Francisco Arevalo and Macaparana himself. The book features essays by Osbel Suarez and the critically acclaimed concrete Brazilian poet Ferreira Gullar. A full description about his beginnings, his relation with the Brazilian Concrete art movement, and his fraternal and influential friendship with the renown concrete artists Willys de Castro and Hércules Barsotti, and, his insertion in relationship with the Brazilian contemporary art scene. The book includes a detailed chronology and a comprehensive illustration of his oeuvre. Published by Osbel Suárez, 2016. Texts by Osbel Suárez and Ferreira Gullar. 249 pages. English. Hard cover. 127 color images. 12 1/64 x 9 41/64 inches (30.5 x 24.5 cm).

Macaparana at his estudio. Sao Paulo.

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