Pedro Alvarez 

Born in Havana in 1922 Pedro Alvarez was part of the younger artistic generation of the "Under 30's" group along with Pedro de Oraa and Jose Mijares, he participated in a number of art salon in Cuba prior to join the Los Diez group (The group of 10)in 1958.  Although one of the group original members Alvarez stopped participating in its activities after the 1960's exhibit at the Color-Luz gallery ran by Lolo Soldevilla. He differed from other members of the Concrete Cuban art movement in that his work leaned toward a more biomorphic quality with an array of colors that separated him from the strict principles dictated bu the Concrete manifestos, nonetheless , in his practice, meticulous and detailed drawings with pure geometric forms have been discovered, with most of them framed in geometrically shaped frames designed by the artist himself. He died in 1997.