Mario Carreño  

Mario Carreño was born in Havana, Cuba, on June 24, 1913.


Its extensive artistic trajectory began in 1925 when entering the Academy of San Alejandro in Havana. In 1932 he traveled to Europe where he continued his studies of Graphic Arts at the San Fernando School in Madrid. The outbreak of the civil war forced him to leave Spain and continue his studies in Mexico.

In 1948 he traveled for the first time to Chile invited to exhibit in the Pacific Hall,initiating a strong friendship with the poet Pablo Neruda. Between 1948 through 1951, he lived basically in New York, with a brief interval in Chile.  His contact with artists like Mondrian, Pollock and Moholy-Nagy saw him moving toward the geometric abstract tendency. This evolved into a strong presence of Geometric forms in his paintings becoming an influential member of the Concrete art movement in Havana and a member of the Grupo de los 10.  He settled in Chile in 1958, where he would continue to live until his passing on December 20 1998.